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Line of American Retreat 1780

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Battle of Charlotte: The American militia fought a delaying action along North Tryon Street against the entire Southern British Army.
Colonel William R. Davie commanded the North Carolina militia cavalry for several months before the British Army invaded North Carolina. Captain Joseph Graham commanded the Mecklenburg County mounted militia which was called out to oppose the British invasion of North Carolina.

In the Battle of Charlotte, these two groups defended the Courthouse in the middle of Trade and Tryon Streets. After firing three volleys to good effect, and causing the British Legion Cavalry to draw back and re-form, the Americans retreated up the Salisbury Road (today North Tryon Street) past this spot. Farther up the road they stopped twice to form a defensive line, delaying the British advance each time.

By the time the British reached the main American force eight miles north of town, it was late in the day and they withdrew to Charlotte. The Southern British Army occupied Charlotte for 16 days and then, after hearing of the American victory at King’s Mountain, retreated to South Carolina.

Line of American Retreat 1780
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