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Battle of Charlotte State Marker

Marker 7

On September 26th, 1780 the southern British army advanced on Charlotte, by way of South Tryon Street. In the lead was Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton’s British Legion cavalry. They expected little or no resistance from the inhabitants. As the British approached the Court House they were met with a volley of musket fire from a small force of American troops hidden on both sides of the street and under the courthouse, under the command of Colonel William Richardson Davie, and Captain Joseph Graham.

The British Legion cavalry broke under the withering fire and retreated. They charged again and were driven back by another volley. Lord Cornwallis himself rode up, harangued the troops, and they advanced again. By this time the British infantry was moving up on both sides to surround the Americans who fired a third volley and withdrew in good order.

Battle of Charlotte State Marker
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